Peerless Type TU & TUT Multi-Stage Horizontal Split Case Pump Curves

Peerless Type TU, TUT Horizontal Split Case Pump


Click here for Peerless Horizontal Split Case Multi-Stage Type TU & TUT Pump Curves


Description: Peerless Type TU & TUT Multi Stage Single Suction Horizontal Split Case Pump Curves


Tags: 3450, 3500, 3525, 3535, 3550, 3555, 3565, 3600, 1800, 1750, 1755, 1765, 1775 ,1780, 1785, 1770, 1150, 1155, 1160, 1165, 1170, 1175, 1180, 1185, 1200 rpm, Models, Series, Size 1.5TU7, 2TU8, 2TU10, 2TU12, 3TU10, 3TU13, 3TU13.5, 4TU10, 4TU14, 5TU13-B, 5TU15, 6TU16-B, 8TU16, 8TU16F, 10TU22-C, 1.5TUT7, 3TUT13, 4TUT14, 5TUT16B, 2TUT8, 3TUT9, 4TUT10, 2TUT9, 1.5×2.5×7, 2x3x8, 2x3x10, 2x3x8.375, 3x4x10, 3x4x9, 4x5x10, 5x6x13, 2x3x12, 3x4x13, 3x4x13.5, 4x5x14, 5x6x15, 5x6x16, 5x6x17, 6x8x16, 8x10x16, 8x10x17.25, 10x12x19.5


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