American HVAC Wheatley TSV Balancing Valves


NOTE: These are the TSV Valves – NOT the TDV Valves.

Click here for the American HVAC Wheatley TDV Valves

Click on any of the links below for the valve you are looking for:
1-1/2″ – TSV-15T Flow Chart
2″ Flanged – TSV02F Flow Chart
2″ Threaded – TSV02T Flow Chart
2-1/2″ Flanged – TSV25F Flow Chart
2-1/2″ Threaded – TSV25T Flow Chart
3″ Flanged – TSV03 Flow Chart
4″ Flanged – TSV04 Flow Chart
5″ Flanged – TSV05 Flow Chart
7-3-bal-thread6″ Flanged – TSV06 Flow Chart
8″ Flanged – TSV08 Flow Chart
10″ Flanged – TSV10 Flow Chart
12″ Flanged – TSV12 Flow Chart


Description: American HVAC Wheatley Circuit Setter valves




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