Aurora Pump – Series 110 & 120 “Apco” – One & Two Stage Turbine Pumps

Aurora pump 110 & 120


Click here for Aurora Pumps – Series 110 & 120 “APCO” Pump Curves


Description: Aurora One and Two Stage Turbine Pumps – Models 110 & 120

Tags: 3600, 3500, 3450, 1800, 1750, 1775 rpm, 1-1/4×1-1/4×4, 1.25×1.254×4, 1-1/2×1-1/2×4, 1.5×1.5×4, 1-1/4×1-1/4×5, 1.25×1.25×5, 1-1/2x2x5, 1.5x2x5, 2-1/2x3x6, 2.5x3x6, 2×2-1/2×6, 2×2.5×6, 2-1/2x3x6, 2.5x3x6, Ex4, Fx4, Gx4, Hx4, Ix4, Ex4T, Fx4T, Gx4T, Hx4T, Ix4T, Size A35, A4, B4, C4, D4, E4, F4, G4, H4, I4, I4A, M4, P4, R4, D5, E5, F5, G5, H5, I5, J5, K5, L5, M5, N5, P5, D4T, E4T, F4T, G4T, I4T, I4TA, D5T, E5T, F5T, G5T, H5T, I5T, G6, H6, J6, K6, D6T, E6T, F6T, G6T, H6T, J6T, K6T


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